Research & Development

As the mobility industry evolves and improves,

new ideas, technologies, and conveniences are always brought in.

AIS Asia, being closely linked to the mobility industry, fully supports its growth and development.

As such, we are always looking forward to assist new innovation and ideas,

and we strive hard to help them take form and come to fruition.

Some of the R&D projects that AIS Asia is taking part in are listed below,

and we are constantly looking to assist in more areas as well.

AI Accident Video Analysis

When thousands of dashcam videos get uploaded daily, it is impossible to sieve through them one by one manually.

In order to obtain valuable videos only, AI proofs to be a valuable tool.

In the event of an accident, it is also more common than not that drivers are unable to fully furnish accurate details.

For example, the time and speed at the time of impact would only be a rough estimate instead of an accurate figure.

With AI analysis, an accident report will be generated automatically with all of the details.

AIS Asia has the capability to provide AI Accident Video Analysis services to clients  in order to help them in their quest to reduce accidents.

Accident video use 2.png

Dashcam video analysis by AI to detect accidents and generate accident reports.

Geospatial Analysis

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, taking even the most cautious of drivers by complete surprise;

sometimes even to a fatal outcome.

It goes without saying that if there is a way to caution drivers of potential dangers, the chances of accidents happening will be lowered.

Our geospatial analysis capabilities correlates accident data to geographical data as well as driving behaviour.

Being able to put a relationship between these 3 factors provides an insight to the more dangerous areas

and allows drivers to know where they need to be more cautious when driving, thereby reducing the chances of an accident.


Geospatial analysis to correlate event frequency area and accidents.


New Areas

With new technologies being developed,

there are unlimited possibilities for development and improvements to the industry.

AIS Asia strives to support and push these developments in order to help the entire mobility industry move forward.

We are always looking out for new areas that we can assist and collaborate in.

If there are any potential collaborations that you would like to discuss, please contact us.