Telematics Consultation

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Telematics is now one of the necessities of next-generation vehicles and vehicular services.

The ability to monitor vehicles, regardless of quantity, has become one of the underlining feature of telematics.

Here at AIS Asia, we provide telematics services aimed at providing you with the ultimate convenience.

Types of Telematics

Data is the foundation of telematics, and two of the key aspects

for telematics lies in its ability to determine the location of the vehicle,

as well as the ability for the detection of driving abilities of users.

In order to retrieve such data, there are different channels service providers can use.

Service providers can either purchase data directly from car manufacturers to provide telematics services, or use aftermarket devices.

AIS Asia is able to analyze data from both channels based our client's situation.

For aftermarket devices, there are generally two types as listed below.

1) Using existing devices which users already posses

2) Installing of specific devices designed to retrieve such data

Each type of aftermarket device presents a different set of advantages and disadvantages.



User Devices

Telematics services that utilize User Devices generally use Smartphones as its backbone

due to the its capabilities and sensors, as well as how commonly available it is among users.


  • Lower in costs

  • Easier to implement


  • Not as accurate

  • Easy to bypass

  • Less data points


Specific Devices

Telematics services that utilize Specific Devices, such as OBDs, have hardware specifically designed to enable the retrieval of data, and they are commonly installed to the target vehicle directly.


  • More data points

  • Accurate

  • Difficult to bypass


  • Higher costs

  • Installation arrangements

AIS Asia's Solutions

AIS Asia understands that every clients' needs are different.

Therefore, we offer both types of devices in order to best serve every client.

In order to provide the best outcome for all parties, AIS Asia cooperates closely with our clients as well as our partners.

For each type of device discussed above, AIS Asia works with different partners.

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Smartphone Telematics

Cambridge Mobile Telematics, our smartphone telematics partner, is a multi-award winning company based in USA. Established in 2010, they pioneered many solutions, including the first mobile usage-based insurance amongst others.


  • Visual Drive

  • Fleet Management Portal

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Vehicle Telematics

AIS Asia is partnered with Tangerine, an AI-powered data analytics company for smart mobility, offering products and solutions for fleet management, shared mobility, and insurance telematics.


  • Jido Series

  • Crash Analyzer

  • Fleet Management Portal

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Visual Drive

Visual Drive is a telematics smartphone application developed jointly by Cambridge Mobile Telematics and Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance.

By combining the app and a special device developed by CMT (a tag), the data acquired is greatly enhanced and much more accurate.

Besides the improvement of data quality,

this special technology allows for greater convenience for the clients.

Special Features

  • Data acquisition of specific vehicles only

  • Automatic trip detection

  • Phone holder not required

  • Detection of phone distraction while driving

  • Etc.

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Jido Series

Tangerine's solutions are named Jido, which means "automatic" in Japanese. The product line up consists of mostly direct-vehicle-connection telematics devices in order to obtain the most accurate data.

Equipped with its own CPU, Jido is able to rapidly analyze driving data so that you can access it at the earliest timing. With its AI capabilities, Jido has add on features that can help a variety of clients with their businesses and management.

Special Features

  • Optional additional features and add-ons

  • Vehicle theft tracking

  • Device tampering alerts

  • In-depth vehicle analysis such as fuel consumption

  • Etc.


Specially Selected for you

AIS Asia communicates closely with each client in order to select the best solution

based on each client's requirements and requests.

Telematics provides numerous benefits to you and your business, and will definitely be

a valuable addition to your business and planning.

Benefits of telematics:

  • Safety improvements

  • Cost savings

  • Monitoring and coaching

  • Brand improvement

  • And much more!

Contact us today to start your journey on business enhancements and improvements!