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Telematics is now one of the necessities of next-generation vehicles and vehicular services.

Being able to monitor vehicles, regardless of quantity, has become one of the underlining feature of telematics.

Here at AIS Asia, we provide telematics services aimed at providing you with the ultimate convenience.

Smartphone telematics scheme

AIS Asia has teamed up with the world's fastest growing telematics solution provider to bring to you an unrivaled smartphone telematics solution.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics

Founded in 2010 by 2 MIT professors and experienced entrepreneurs, Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) spearheaded the development of telematics that focused on the behaviour of drivers.

Now holding several awards celebrating their rapid growth, CMT continues to further their mission; of making roads around the world safer, by making drivers better.



the AIS Asia telematics solution


Jointly developed by AIS Asia and Cambridge Mobile Telematics, Visual-drive is a specialized telematics application available on both iOS and Android.


Geared towards simplicity, the clean User-Interface ensures that the application is user-friendly and easy to understand. Drivers access this application to see their driving score and trips history along with other driver-targeted features.

A separate web portal enables fleet managers and insurers to monitor and provide advice and feedback to drivers to ensure safety and minimize risks.


Visual-drive is jam-packed with features that ensures an enjoyable experience without sacrificing on providing a comprehensive analysis.






Visual-drive Brochures


Visual-drive Application

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