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How it began

Aioi Nissay Dowa Services Asia, or AIS Asia, was set up by Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co. Ltd. because of a vision.

A vision to enhance and advance mobility; a vision to step into the future of transport.

Telematics and Smart Mobility.


Our Parent Company

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co. Ltd. (AD Japan) is a member of

MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc.;

the top general insurer in Japan.

A significant portion of AD Japan's business is related to automobiles and we constantly adapt ourselves in order to keep up with the fast-changing industry and focus on

CASE (Connectivity, Autonomous, Sharing, Electrification);

the future of the automobile industry.

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Aioi Nissay Dowa Services Asia

AIS Asia was established in October 2017 to tackle the lack of  smart mobility and telematics solutions in the South East Asian and East Asian regions.

The mobility industry is undergoing rapid changes due to advancements in technology.

In order to adapt to these changes, the services surrounding the mobility industry has to change too.

As the technology and economics outlook in the SEA and SE regions are set to grow in the near future,

the need for smart mobility and telematics solutions is predicted to increase in demand.

AIS Asia is poised to offer instantaneous yet reliable solutions

to meet market demands, while staying true to our slogan.

AIS Asia's Slogan

"Think while running"

The designated slogan for AIS Asia, "Think while running",

reflects our promise of delivering solutions to the ever-changing needs of the mobility industry in the shortest time possible.

As mobility industry develops towards CASE mobility, many elements are new and untested.

To navigate well in these uncharted waters, one cannot stand still and ponder for too long, 

lest progress comes to a standstill.

To capture the essence of the slogan, the logo features a sprinting cheetah as well as a light bulb.

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Understanding CASE Mobility

With all the talk about CASE mobility, it is essential to understand what it means,

as well as what it would bring for the future of the mobility industry.

CASE stands for Connectivity, Autonomous, Sharing, and Electrification.

This acronym sets the direction for the development of the entire mobility industry.

In order to be prepared for the future, AIS Asia also aligns itself to this direction for all our operations.


Connection between vehicles,

 Telematics between

vehicles and the outside world.

Connectivity to, from, and between vehicles is a huge area of focus. Acquisition of driving data and vehicle data through Telematics is one of the business areas specialties of AIS Asia.


Autonomous vehicles, self-

driving technology, automated

emergency processes

Autonomous vehicles are set to become the future of mobility. They can increase safety, predictability and convenience. AIS Asia is joining in by doing joint researchs in this area


Vehicle sharing,

commonizing assets,

resource distribution

Sharing maximizes productivity and efficiency of vehicles.

AIS Asia is working closely with Grab, the largest e-hailing service in Singapore, to bring car sharing to the public.


Environmental sustainability,

clean energy,

renewable energy sources

Electification of vehicles will reduce the amount of waste gases released into the atmosphere and improve environment sustainability,

thus benefiting all lives on Earth.


What is Telematics

Telematics is a combination of 'telecommunications' and 'informatics'.

It typically encompasses a wide range of expertise and functions including but not limited to:
location information, vehicle information, vehicle status, on-board data etc.
All these information come together to provide users with a comprehensive experience in monitoring and communicating with the vehicle and other connected vehicles.

Efforts in Telematics & Mobility



United Kingdom

Acquired Insure The Box, the largest telematics car insurance provider in the UK.


South-East Asia

Set up AIS Asia in Singapore.


United States

Established Toyota Insurance Management Services (TIMS) with Toyota in US.


Paving the way to the future


Data Analysis Services

  • Unique Scoring System

  • Driving Data Analysis


Telematics Consultation

  • Smartphone Telematics

  • Vehicle Telematics

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Research & Development

  • AI Accident Video Analysis

  • Geospatial Analysis

  • New Areas

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Analyzed Distance (km)

*As of end of June 2021

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Total distance about 710,000 trips
around the world


Our Team

Get to Know Us


Susumu Tategami

Managing Director

Tategami has worked over 20 years in the general insurance industry,

including 3 years in Toyota (in charge of global telematics projects) and

4.5 years in China Ping An insurance (as an executive advisor).

He is fluent in both English and Chinese.


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