Data Analysis Services

AIS Asia's data analysis capabilities assists drivers to understand their driving habits better.


Our uniquely developed scoring system based on our know-how gathered across the globe has already been applied to multiple areas

in order to help our clients and partners.


To gather driving data in SEA, AIS Asia is currently partnering with Grab, the top ride hailing company in SEA.

By analyzing the gathered data, we provide analysis and consultation to related parties and departments

in order to improve various aspects of smart mobility such as road safety awareness.

Unique Scoring System

With our know-how and expertise gained throughout the years working closely with

various partners across the globe, we have developed a unique scoring system that is

accurate and easy to utilize.


Our unique system enables our users to monitor and understand their driving behaviour,

and allows our clients to monitor and provide insights to their team to help them improve.

AIS Asia customizes how we present our scoring system to our clients based on their roles.

This ensures that we are able to empower our clients suitably.

For Insurers

Web UI 2.png

Our scoring system has a specially designed internet web UI that is geared towards insurers.

With the web UI, insurers can have an overall look for their fleet and also zoom down to

each individual drivers to access their scores.


The web UI can be accessed anywhere as long as there is internet connection, making it convenient for insurers to know everything anytime. 

For Individual Drivers

phone UI 2.png

Individual drivers can monitor how they are faring via our smartphone based UI.

This allows them to improve their driving habits on the go and become a safer driver

after consulting their own scores.

An indispensable safety tool, our scoring system helps the society as a whole improve

our road safety.

phone UI 3.png
driving data.png

Enhancing Driving Data

Having the ability to score your drivers objectively is a great addition to your business.

It helps drivers identify where they have to improve on without biasness and it enhances safety.

Furthermore, driving can then be transformed into a tangible KPI for your business.

To enrich your business, contact us today to find out more about our solutions what we can provide to assist you.