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Telematics Consultation

Not equipped with your own telematics solution? Fret not, as we provide solutions fit for every client in any situation. Understand your vehicle usage and create savings.

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Types of Telematics

Telematics are broadly classified into 2 different categories. 


User Devices

  • Lower in costs
  • Easier to implement
  • Not as accurate
  • Easy to bypass
  • Less data points

Specific Devices

  • Accurate
  • Difficult to bypass
  • More data points
  • Higher in costs
  • Special installation

Our Telematics

AIS Asia provides both forms of solutions, in order to prepare for every situation.

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Visual Drive

Visual Drive (powered by CMT) is a smartphone telematics solution utilizing the driver's phone to collect and analyze data.

Special Features

  • Collect data from selected vehicles only
  • Automatic trip start/end
  • Phone holder not required
  • Phone distraction detection
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Jido (powered by Tangerine) is a suite of products dedicated to obtaining accurate driving data directly from the vehicle itself.

Special Features

  • Optional add-on modules
  • Vehicle theft detection
  • Device tampering alerts
  • In-depth vehicle analysis such as fuel consumption